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Yoli Worth

Ashley has in-depth knowledge, skills, and experience, and loves to share it!

I attended Personal Branding 101 Pt 2: Surviving Social Media and as a marketing professional, the course offered great tips and tools. Beginners and those well-versed in social media branding and marketing can absolutely benefit from this course and leave feeling inspired and ready to dive into social media.

Keta Baker

I really enjoyed my time of 3rd Eye Chakra meditation with Ashley

I really enjoyed my time of 3rd Eye Chakra meditation Saturday with Ashley and the group. It was very relaxing and a beautiful experience. Also my 18 yr old daughter came and she loved it. She said, "it was different and relaxing and she will attend again". Thank you for the experience.

Ganesa Carr

Today I attended my first meditation session.

Today I attended my first meditation session. It was on the third eye Chakra and was so enlightening. The instructor Ashley was very knowledgeable and explained the meaning and what we were preparing to do before the meditation started and then lead us through a peaceful meditation. I felt so good afterwards. I will definitely attend again.

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