The Short:

Innovator | Athlete | Creative | Love(r) | Collector

Ciera helps the StylePHX team with innovations, research and creative consulting – including curation of written, visual and musical content and the compilation and deciphering of key data and information.

The Long:

Ciera is a proud alumnus of the College of Charleston, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and a Minor in Sociology while remaining a leader for the University’s NCAA Division I Track and Field team as a women’s heptathlete and javelin thrower.
A creative, athlete, comic book enthusiast, Google geek, content contributor, and lover of surprises, transformations and various forms of art, Ciera’s curious nature & unique combination of experiences has made her into a renaissance woman. She also helps provide a unique perspective and representation for the younger side of the Millennials and LGBTQ+ community.

Beginning her career in the creative field, Ciera’s first job was Music Intern with StylePHX over a decade ago. After driving 20,000 gallon water trucks during college summers, interning with a Parks and Recreation department, then recruiting and connecting skilled individuals with fortune 500 companies for a few years -- Ciera made a full circle - on a whole new level - returning to StylePHX to contribute her love of research, process development, and creativity through Innovations & Presentation Consulting in 2021.Ciera works to combine her talents & skills in communication to collaborate and advocate for representation. She enjoys trying new things and working with people. Her appreciation for deepening relationships and supporting others in their personal journey ignites a passion & focus on bettering things for humanity both within & outside of StylePHX.

She believes an important part in life lies in exposure to a wide array of experiences, learning what empowers you, and finding beauty in the mundane. In her free time, Ciera enjoys watching video essays on topics ranging from the occult to ancient civilizations to how music genres were inspired. She also enjoys exploring new places, riding her motorcycle, music, media, sports, arts, exploring modes of enhancing connectedness, and daydreaming about classic Mustangs.

Ciera has also enjoyed giving her free time to underrepresented community focused organizations with Junior Achievement of Arizona, St. Mary’s Food Bank and Meals on Wheels. She also spent time working as a Garden Manager with the non - profit organization, Project Roots Arizona. There she led volunteer groups, helped plan and grow the plants and vegetables for the organization alongside growing relationships with community gardeners.